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Report Text - Wolf

Wolf, with the latin name Canis Lupus or we can say grey wolf is a carnivore animal which iphysically look like a dog. Wolf and dog do have common ancestor. Wolf is also related with dingo, kind of wild dogs living in Australia.

Most of the wolves  population in the world are dominated by a subspecies of grey wolf. They could be found in various habitat. As long as the food is enough and relatively cold climates. One of the most suitable habitat for grey wolf is Taiga Siberia which is boreal foreast with long winter and short summer. This place is located in north russia. Grey wolf is found most in this place.

Grey Wolf is the biggest species from Canine (dog) family. It's about 90cm height and and 90 until 150 long. Meanwhile, It's weight is about 20 kilograms until 88 kilograms. Grey wolf has long feet with big paws. Its tail is long and hairy, pointy ears and yellowish brown eyes. Eventhough the name is grey wolf the fur has various colours such as brown, white or black.The male wolf has bigger body size than the female. The wolf energy is very strong. They can explore distance of more than 18 miles. Its speed cand reach for 40 miles per hour.

Wolf sense of hearing is twenty times stronger than human, while the sense of smell is hundred times sharper. Wolf jaw is very strong. The wolf eyesight is also very sharp and sensitive for every movement. Grey wolf has some special way to adapt. Its thick fur can withstand the heat and keep the humidity. The big wolf paw has some king of bearing and nail can be pulled. 

The name of group members:
1. Eric Assidiq W.
2. Isniatul Hidayah
3. Pieter Yuzario de H.
4. Zulfarida Putri

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Gildan Ramadhan mengatakan...

Nuhun Coyy..
Manfaat pisan keur tugas.

Triger saruis mengatakan...

ga ada bereeding apaa......!!!!!

Triger saruis mengatakan...

ga ada bereeding apaa......!!!!!

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